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The Daily News is an English-language newspaper in the United States published every weekday since 1878. It is the oldest newspaper still in print and continues to be independent of Yale University, where it has been published since January 28, 1878. The paper is primarily distributed on campus, but also is sold in other parts of New York City and at various events around the country and world. It also publishes a weekly magazine, a Friday supplement called WEEKEND, and special issues throughout the year celebrating Black, AAPI and Latinx community in Yale and New Haven.

Newspapers are written, edited and printed by a group of people working together. The person who selects the content for a newspaper is generally known by some title such as editor-in-chief, executive editor, or managing editor. The most senior editor usually oversees all content areas for a newspaper, but in large newspapers there may be several editors responsible for different subject area divisions, such as local news or sports.

All news stories for a newspaper must be approved by the editor, who decides what to include and what to exclude. Journalists then gather facts and report them to the editorial department, where they are compiled into articles for the newspaper. Some reporters specialize in a particular area of the news, known as a beat; they write about the same subjects every day, such as crime, weather, or business and finance. Other writers, known as columnists, write regular articles expressing their personal opinions about the news of the day. Graphic artists provide images and illustrations to support the articles. In addition, a newspaper must have an administrative team that handles such tasks as advertising sales and distribution, and a staff of people who physically produce the newspaper on printing presses.

The newspaper’s readership is an important measure of the success of a publication. This is measured by a percentage of households that receive the newspaper, and it is one of the principal factors used to determine advertising rates. The newspaper industry once boasted a high rate of market penetration, but as other forms of media came into competition and printing became less expensive, this has declined.

In many countries, newspaper circulation is measured on a daily basis; in the United States this is done by the Alliance for Audited Media. The average daily newspaper in the United States has a circulation of about 123 percent, although this number is declining due to other forms of media and the availability of online news. In some cases, newspapers with a high journalistic quality and good reputation have a larger circulation than others. These are generally referred to as newspapers of record. Increasingly, however, there are also Web-based newspapers that are not formally regulated by journalism organizations. These are often free to readers and are not a substitute for the traditional paper version. Some newspapers have even stopped publishing in print entirely, and have gone digital-only.

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