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Daily News

Daily News is an American newspaper founded in 1919 that was the first U.S. daily to be printed in tabloid format. It is currently owned by tronc, which acquired the publishing operations of Tribune Company in 2017. Historically the New York Daily News has had a moderate-to-liberal editorial stance, often in contrast to the right-wing rival New York Post.

The News has been a significant source of information about the world, and many people have learned about events in their own communities by reading its pages. Its staff is recognized for its accuracy and impartiality in reporting news and opinions, and the newspaper has received numerous awards for public service. In addition to news articles, Daily News offers sports and entertainment stories, as well as feature pieces on art and culture.

In the early modern period, increased cross-border interaction created a rising need for current and timely information that could be delivered quickly and efficiently to cities. This need was met with concise handwritten publications such as the notizie scritte in 1556, which cost one gazetta (a small coin). These publications were a precursor to modern newspapers.

Most traditional newspapers are organized into sections that cover different aspects of life, including politics and government, business and economics, crime and criminal justice, sports, weather, and natural disasters. They usually include an editorial page expressing the editor’s opinion on public affairs, and opinion articles called op-eds that are written by guest writers. They also have letters to the editor and reader comments.

A newspaper may also contain columns that offer analysis and synthesis, and that attempt to translate raw data into information that tells readers what it all means and persuades them to agree with the viewpoint expressed in the column. In addition to the main sections, most papers also have several smaller departments such as advertising, production/printing, and circulation. In general, larger newspapers have more departments than smaller ones, but the number of departments varies widely.

Some ways that newspapers have tried to improve their credibility include appointing ombudsmen, developing ethics policies and training, using more stringent corrections policies, communicating with sources and readers about their editorial process and decisions, and asking sources to review their articles after publication. These strategies have led to a decline in the amount of disinformation published by some newspapers, though it has not eliminated it entirely.

In 2021, an anonymous Yale College alumnus made a generous gift in support of the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the Daily News Historical Archive. This gift facilitated the migration of the archive to a new platform, which will enable its continued long-term preservation and access. The archive now contains every edition of the Daily News from 1996 to the present day. It can be browsed and searched by subject, title, and date. The complete text of each issue is available through a downloadable PDF. Previously, the archive was only accessible through a limited number of microfilms held by the Library of Congress and other libraries.

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