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Daily News

Daily News is a newspaper or periodical that is published every day. It covers news about politics, business, weather, sports, entertainment, and more. It is available in print or online. It can be a great way to stay informed on current events, but it can also be very biased and sensational.

The name derives from the New York Daily News, an American tabloid that was one of the most read newspapers in the world during its peak in the mid-20th century, when it was famous for its lurid headlines, such as “Ford to City: Drop Dead!”

In recent years, daily newspaper publishers have been shifting their attention from printed products to digital platforms, including podcasting. The rise of faster connections and always-on mobile access has allowed people to keep up with news from a wide variety of sources, often on the go. Podcasting has proven to be a particularly good fit for news, with podcast listeners tending to be more attentive and inquisitive than traditional audiences.

Many of the top-performing shows on Apple’s global rankings are daily news podcasts, including four of the five most popular publishers’ shows according to the data tracker Podtrac. The popularity of the genre has been further boosted by COVID-19-related lockdowns and other disruptions to commuter patterns. Publishers interviewed by the BBC have indicated that podcast listening has held up better than most other forms of media, and that daily news podcasts are particularly well-received.

A number of major news organisations have launched daily podcasts in the last year, with Danish and French public service broadcasters making substantial new investments, along with several commercial publishers and a leading tech platform. Those interviewed say that daily news podcasts offer the potential to reach a more focused audience than online-only content, while also giving them the freedom to cover breaking stories quickly.

Podcasting is a relatively inexpensive way to distribute news, which is important for developing markets where the cost of online distribution can be prohibitive. Daily news podcasts can also be a key component in developing a digital subscription model, as they attract users who are accustomed to paying for quality journalism on other platforms.

Manveen Rana, the former BBC journalist who hosts the Daily News’ UK edition, says: ‘It’s a unique piece of Times journalism told in depth every day in audio – it’s not just a short, snipped version of the paper. We’re using a team of journalists, so it’s a really rich and full offering.

While the financial pressures faced by the New York Daily News are perhaps less acute than those at other newspaper groups, its publisher Alden Capital has enacted buyouts and cuts since taking over last year. Its latest move, to outsource printing and reduce staff numbers, is a sign of broader struggles in the industry. The Times, for example, has cut its print advertising revenue by nearly a third in the past year, and has seen circulation of its print product shrink from 2.2 million to 1.2 million.

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